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A user-driven site for reviews. Amazingly addictive for foodies to review restaurants and other places.

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Another place to find good reviews. I back up Yelp commentary with this.

Yeast Conversions

1 packet = 1/4-ounce = 7g = raise 4 cups, approximately 1-pound, of flour = 2.25t - 2.5t* = 2/3 oz of cake yeast = 17g cake yeast (Red Star)

3/4 oz active dry = 2oz cake yeast = 2.5 T active try

Yeast conversions from Michelle:
fresh / cake: 1:1
1 : 3 for instant
1 : 2 for active


Indian food.

San Francisco Restaurants

Lunch spots


Dinner - Pizza

Dinner - Indian


Bakeries 'n Sweets

Ice cream



Portland, OR Restaurants

Colorado Restaurants


An excellent food site which has a searchable database of over 12,000 food recipes and over 1,000 cocktail recipes; restaurant and cookbook reviews; and online editions of Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines.

If you can't find something in the ones above, Google is pretty good in that it will help you correct misspelled words.

Thai Recipes Kitchen from ImportFood.com.

The online resource of Asian food recipes and terminology from Charmaine Solomon's book Encyclopedia of Asian Food. Select by recipe, type of dish or geographic region.

Easy-to-use site with cookie recipes, arranged by category or alphabetical.

Recipes and advice from Portland chef & restaurant owner Caprial Pence.

RecipeSource is the new name of SOAR: the searchable online archive of recipes. Search the archives of more than 34,000 recipes, categorized by ethnic region or by type of dish.

Comprehensive collection of recipes, divided into easy-to-use subject hierarchy.

The library system for the Portland, OR metro system. Why is it in the food section? Because it's a good source for recipe books.

The recipe area for the Atkins diet, which so many of my friends and family are on.

All sorts of recipes, especially Cannele's, which are sometimes spelled Canele.


Traditional Italian Christmas desserts.


Indian recipes.

Indian food link from a coworker in India.

Indian food link from a coworker in India. Kind of a slow connection from the U.S.

Indian food link from a coworker in India.

Indian food link from a coworker in India.

Restaraunt Reviews

A great way to find all sorts of entertainment.

With a food finder feature that covers all of Portland, OR.

Great, but you have to pay to get the reviews. Blech!


Common conversions:


C degrees to F degrees: (9/5)*C + 32

F to C: (5/9)*(F-32)


1oz = 30g

100g = 3.3 oz

1 lb (pound) = 454g

1kg = 2.2 lb

Liquid Measure

1 t = 5 mL

1T = 15 mL = 3 t

1 C = ~1/4 L

1 C = 8 oz = 16 T = 48 t

Distances / Linear Measurements

1 cm = 0.394 inch

1 inch = 2.54 cm


This company makes some amazing canned goods, and the lady who founded it teaches wonderful classes.

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