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The most twisted, catty humor imagionable. I just absolutely love it. I find myself falling over laughing, then reading another sentance in it and falling over laughing some more.

A hysterical on-line comic. You have to read from the beggining in order to understand what's going on in that current strip. It's like a soap opera, except cool.

Programming and math jokes and sarcasm. I love it.

A strip about a programmer that hits pretty close to home for me on a lot of occasions. Unfortunately only being updated once a week now due the cartoonist moving, having a sick baby and changing jobs. But almost 8 years of daily strips available in the archives.

Kind of like Something Positive, though not as psychotic. Damn funny, though.

A wonderful anthropomorphic comic strip.

Two guys and their very oddball adventures. Not so much a storyline here as two or three comics that link up. Updated Monday and Friday. Freakin' odd / dark humor. More odd than Something Positive, but more dark than Sluggy.

The now overly-famous cartoon.

A cool comic strip that harks back to the way Dilbert used to be. Going through a lot of old comics at this point.

A dark-hearted comic strip. Not for the weak of heart...

A geeky comic (what else do I like?) that looks cool. Here's their first strip.

A funny comic about two cats

Some sort of fantasy comic about ghost capturing. Just started looking into it.

A fun comic. You need to pay for a subscription or get a day pass.

A recently stopped comic. I'm sorry to see it go.

The last 30 days of a funny strip that involves a guy, his dog and his cat. Sometimes there is a ferret. I sympathise sometimes with the character since I have a dog and used to have a ferret.


This guy, Greg Bruns, puts up funny movies (mostly WMW format) each Friday.

Tons of great movies and other stuff.

Funny pictures, movies and articles.


My favorite clips of these guys.

Stumbled upon this guy by accident, looking up the origin of the swing standard "Bill Bailey". Other great bits on YouTube: Bill Bailey - Acts of God, Bill Bailey - Starky & Hutch, Bill Bailey, Famous Vegitarians, Bill Bailey - National Anthem Sugestion


Totally cool, dorky stop animation films. Sometimes twisted. Sometimes live action mixed in.

Freakin' hysterical shirts.

Has a bunch of very cool animations.

Free e-cards.

Artistic, free e-cards.

A webtoy that allows you to make and test your own little robots.

A fun place that translates your text from English to Spanish/German/French and back again. Try putting in your favorite lyrics, and translate back and forth, and see what happens!

Brought to us by (but not made by). A parody of COPS using Storm Troopers.

A killer company that makes Macintosh games. Way cool stuff. They have games that you can try out.

This guy has been archiving jokes for a long time. I just wonder what his e-mail box looks like with e-mails an the like...

Some funny videos that my father found one day... Check out the the rest of the site as well...

Yes, indeed. The 500 question version of the Purity Test on-line (so you's don't have to count it up yourself!).

A hysterical, scarcastic little newspaper. Wonderful stuff!

Assorted odd links from a sports radio show.

Find out where those odd little lines come from. Like "cold turkey".

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